YEAH!   Nellie Dog Pottery & Paints can now support Walk ins for their wood board collection.  Don’t want to wait
for a class well now you don’t have to0.  Just look through our selection of designs and hit the Order Now button then let
us do the rest.  A Nellie Dog Pottery & Paints staff member will give you a call with in 72 hours to finalize the details of
your board and schedule an appointment for you and/or your friends.  Don’t want to make the board yourself?  No
worries we can do it for you for no additional fee.

Need something not pictured in our designs?

While we are still building on our board art designs, we know you may have a special need for your board.  No worries just hit the special

order button below and a Nellie Dog Pottery & Paints Staff member will call you with in 72 hours to finalize your board details and provide

you a quote.

Size:  24X21    Cost:  $55

Size:  12X18  Cost:  $20

Size:  3- 2x4x6, 2x4x8, 2x4x10, Cost:  $20

Size  12X24 with 5 hooks,  Cost $40, (Add’l hook is $10)

Size:  12×18  Cost $20

Size:  12×18,  Cost $20

Size 12X24  Cost $20

Size:   3-2x6x8, 2x6x10, 2x6x12,  Cost $30.

Size:  Approximately 12×36.    Cost:  $35

Size:  24X12, Cost:  $35

Size 12×36  Cost $40

Size 24X12  Cost:  $35

Size 1x8x48, Cost $43

Size 1x8x48, Cost $43

Size 1x12x48, Cost $52

Size 1x8x24  Cost $25