About The Clay Room

Have you ever dreamed of shaping and creating your own Pottery?  If so, come on down to Nellie Dog Pottery and paints and check out The Clay room.  We offer Wheel throwing, clay hand building, and slab building with forms.   Never done it before, no worries we have you covered.  Sign up for a private lesson to get you started.

Membership and Pricing Information

Nellie Dog Pottery and Paints’ offers classes, one time studio visits, and monthly memberships to our pottery studio, The Clay Room!  This is an opportunity to have access to an open studio with all the tools and resources necessary for creating pottery from start to finish.

What this means:

  1.  Unlimited Creativity!  Create your own pieces through hand building or wheel throwing.
  2. Hands-On Process!  Be a part of the entire process from raw clay to finished glazed product.
  3. Access to Membership Classes:  Get special pricing on beginner private lessons.

Membership Fees and Benefits:

Your membership purchase will include everything you need to get started in our clay room to begin hand building with clay.

  • $50 per month or $135 for 3 months
  • Access to available studio tools and equipment, including electric pottery wheel, table top wheel, wedging table, clay shaping tools.
  • Use of a wide range of available studio glazes.
  • Up to 3 kiln firings.
  • One personal shelf storage
  • Access to beginner hand building video.
  • Walk through of clay equipment and tools by a Nellie Dog Staff member.
  • 5lbs of clay per month.

The fine details:

  • One kiln firing = one piece or multiple pieces up to one full kiln load.
  • Clay must be purchased from the studio.
  • Only studio glaze may be used.
  • Memberships start on the 1st of each month and end on the last day of each month.
  • Additional glaze is available for purchase
  • Beginner wheel throwing class must be purchased to gain access to pottery wheels.

Lessons and Classes

Beginner Wheel Throwing Lesson (2 hours)

Learn everything you need to know to create a piece on the wheel.  An instructor will demonstrate each step from preparing the clay to the pottery wheel, and guide you along the way with tips and advice as you begin your creating process!  This class includes up to 5lbs of clay, glaze, and a bisque and glaze kiln firing.
Members Price
Non-Members Price
$45 $65
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Beginner Wheel Throwing Lessons (4-2 hours sessions)

A month long set of classes to teach you everything you need to know to create a variety of pieces on the wheel.  An instructor will demonstrate each step from preparing the clay to the pottery wheel, and guide you along the way as you begin your creations!  Classes will build upon previous class lessons to teach a variety of wheel throwing techniques including throwing various forms, trimming, forming and attaching handles, and more.
Members Price
Non-Members price
$160 Not Available
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One Time Hand Building Lesson (1 hour)

Learn different techniques to create pottery by hand from beginning to end, including coil building, slab building, clay preparation, and clay to clay attachment.  Includes up to 5lbs of clay, glaze, and bisque and glaze firings.
Members Price
Non-Members price
$40 $60
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