Welcome to Pottery To Go!

Nellie Dog Pottery and Paints now offers Pottery to go.  Yes! You can paint it at home.  We want to continue to bring art to our kids and adults while they are at home because art is beneficial to all of us, regardless of our age.  It helps children be better students and can improve quality of life for our seniors.  It relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self-esteem, and provides a sense of accomplishment. It can make you an all-around better, happier person.

Each of our To Go Items includes the following:

  1. Pottery
  2. Glaze
  3. Kiln Firing
  4. Instruction sheet
  5. Description sheet
  6. canvas (if included)

Brushes are not included but can be purchased in our store.  When you pick up your package please let us know if you would like to purchase brushes.

Here is how it works:

Step 1:  Order On Line  –>Step 2:  Nellie Dog will package your order and call you –> Step 3: Pick up your order–>  Step 4:  Paint your Pottery –> Step 5:  Drop your Pottery back off–>Step 6:We fire your pottery–> Step 7: We call you for pick up.

Thank you for supporting our business!



Use coupon code HOLIDAY30 at check out.