Nellie Dog Table Reservation Form (4 or less people)

Thank you for booking a reservation with Nellie Dog Pottery and Paints.

Reservation Duration:  All reservations are for a 2 hour time period.  Unfortunately we will adhere strictly to this reservation duration as it will enable our employees the amount of time needed to sanitize and clean in between each customer.

Reservation Deposit:  There is a minimum $25 spend for each reserved tables.   At the time of reservation there is a $25 non-refundable deposit with each reservation and that will be deducted from your total purchase on the day of your reservations.

Our Promise to you:

At Nellie Dog Pottery and Paints we want to be a leader in safe sanitation practices.  Because of this all our employees have been trained in safe sanitization practices and therefore we promise the following:

1.  We will clean and sanitize tabletops, chairs, brushes, and glaze bottles between each seating.

2.  We will clean and sanitize regularly including all high touch areas at least every 2 hours.

2.  All indoor and/or outdoor seating will comply with the appropriate social distancing and maximum party guidelines.

3.  The customer capacity for the building has been limited to no more than 50% capacity.

4.  We are utilizing signage and floor markings to help customers understand and comply with social distance guidelines in common areas.

5.  Employees will wear facial coverings.

6.  Employees will regularly wash hands.

7.  Hand Sanitizer or hand cleaning materials will be available in common areas.

Your Promise to us:

We value the lives of our customers and employees.  Therefore in return please promise us:

1.  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 (including a fever, cough, chills, muscle pains or shortness of breath), please help us keep everyone safe by using our pottery to go service options.  Pottery to go can be ordered at, select Pottery to Go.

2.  If you have underlying health conditions or are otherwise concerned about contracting COVID-19, please use our pottery to go option.

3.  Willingly follow the social distancing and sanitary guidelines that have been put in place to protect you and our other customers and employees.

4.  Please wear a mask in the common area of the store.  Once you are at your designated reservation table, or room, mask can be removed.

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